Exact Marketing Formula LLC in Utica, Ohio is a Local Video Marketing Company that has found a way to offer affordable Video Marketing services to our clients

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing = SEO!  Now I wish it were that simple, right?  I mean make a short video up load it to one of your favorite video exchange websites, add it to your website and boom; video marketing!

Well really it is.  The problem, or let me say hurdle to overcome is…It takes TIME to setup a complete website, and what I like to call “The Web of Marketing  Sites”.

Today’s consumer is younger and find most of their products and services through the Internet.  Weather it be search engines, through social networking websites, video websites, and many other mediums consumers are using to find products and services with ease.

So…What is Video Marketing?  An Internet Commercial.  Our custom made Website Marketing Videos will showcase your product or service!  Along with showcasing your products and services; you are boosting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) AND overall exposure if you are also using video websites like YouTube to host your video..

Larger companies, and just to give you one example www.lowes.com, have made the switch to YouTube Video Marketing over using older methods which in many cases require expensive software be installed on your server.  Not to mention the fact YouTube on a daily basis, is one of the most visited websites on the planet.

We Have Team Up With 2 Talented Video Makers, Billy Porter & Sam Fuller.  Billy & Sam provide our clients with quality product or service video’s that highlight, and point out what sets your business apart from your competition.

Why Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is becoming the website marketing tool of choice for website owners that are looking for an edge over their competition and Billy & Sam take the time and work with clients in a professional and courteous manner until the video marketing project is completed.

Video Marketing is a great way to add value to your new visitors along with increasing the loyalty of current clients.  Welcome videos, testimonial videos, tips, and “how to” videos are all great methods for increasing your video marketing presence and above all else, given the visitor a reason to come back.

By also integrating YouTube Video Marketing into your marketing strategies will also increase your exposure, and don’t forget about the savings by not having to by and install software.  Just always follow normal YouTube or any other website policies in regards to sharing content and you should be okay.

We work with our clients every step of the way and handle most questions and concerns.  And I always say, if we don’t have an answer, we will get it.

So…Why Video Marketing?  Video Marketing can produce increased visitors to your website, and a reason for visitors to return website.

Why use Video Marketing?


Applying proper video marketing techniques and strategies is a great way to increase overall exposure and return visitors, but managing one website can be hard enough!  Our clients don’t have to worry because we can help them in any area of there website including video marketing.

Working with our Video Marketing team couldn’t be easier.  Once a client has decided to add the power of video marketing to their website, we will schedule a time for our clients to meet with the Expert Video Team of Billy Porter & Sam Fuller.

Billy, Sam & myself meet with our client to set goals, discuss the overall video process, set deadlines, and more.  We understand that you may not understand everything when we begin the project, but our goal is to answer any questions you may have until you do feel comfortable and do understand.

While video exchanges websites like YouTube have been around for some time now but, many businesses are not using them as a website  marketing strategy.

So…Why use Video Marketing?  To get ahead of your competition.

If You look around on the internet you will see more and more businesses using Video Marketing because they want to give their customers a personalized visit to their site.  Now you too have an affordable way to show your Product or Service off through Video Marketing.

Another Powerful Tool Is Customer Testimonials; And Having Video Customer Testimonials Will Take Your Website Marketing To A Whole New Level.  Become A Trusted Name In Your Market.  As Easy As 1, 2, 3:

  1. Schedule A Time
  2. Exchange Pre-Video Emails Or Calls
  3. Stop In To Our Utica, Ohio Office

Our Team Will Take Care Of The Rest.

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